Life Form

When I step into nature I feel a kinship with the wildlife. Some deep rooted connection remains from our primordial ancestors. Or perhaps it is just a projection of anthropomorphism. This crab was stranded on the beach, exhausted from the struggle and several gulls were circling nearby. Looking closely into his eyes I thought I saw a plaintive plea for mercy. I carefully lifted him and placed him back in the surf out of the reach of the gulls. I look into the pools of water left behind by the retreating tide and see layers of reality reflected and re-reflected within the  finite space.

A pair of eagles stalk the beach and hunt the various gulls and crows. One day I happened upon them just finishing their meal They had used this log as a sort of chopping block for their meal. The scene dramatically illustrated the concept of survival of the fittest. We all struggle with different hierarchies of power in our lives, but manage to survive day-to-day because we have learned to cope.

The multitude of grand designs of life fascinate me. How many different lifeforms have evolved on this beautiful world of ours. And the recycling of nutrients through death renews life and assures the possibilities of future generations.

I find myself drawn to jellyfish, and this one seemed to be looking back. I don’t know anything about jellyfish anatomy, but the yellow structure looks a lot like a bird’s head to me. Although they are alien and strange we are still distantly related.

Humanity is connected through the cosmic ocean of our common ancestry to all life. Although we have different cultural beliefs we are united in our humanness. Treat one another with respect and shape the brighter future for posterity.

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