You Have to Find

Picasso once said you cannot look; you have to find

The other day I found these creatures on the beach. I am not sure what they are. The pattern made by the tides tossing them around reminded me of fractals. Organic patterns nest one within the other flowing from the microscopic to the cosmic. The wondrous universe animates all life which in turns sets the darkness alight.

I’m often amazed at the common connections between humans and the animal world. The three sea lions in this photo were frolicking together like kids coming home from school. While the gull in the foreground waited patiently for us to toss him some morsel like a dog sitting under the dining room table waited for table scraps.

Some animals have part of human civilization for thousands of years. Standing on the beach as these beautiful animals walked past, I could momentarily feel the pulse beat of generations of my ancestors as they rode these majestic animals for innumerable miles.

Let the string of your imagination play out across the sky and set your soul afloat on the wind. Be a messenger of love and joy to those you meet. Treasure the life you have. Do not look for your truth – Find your truth.

My novella is filled with affirmations of positivism.

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