Embrace Your Life

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Love’s positive flow fills our souls with light. It is said love shines brightest after a storm. After enduring the darkest days, the heart-mind blazes under reflections of joy.

To escape from the trap of darker thoughts liberate your mind through meditation and reflection. Break out of the bindings of anxiety and nervousness. It is difficult, but it gets easier with repetition.

The shape of this clump of seaweed reminded me of a long necked sea monster. Looking at it I began thinking, the shadowy outlines of our negative emotions stain us with fearful animus intent on wreaking havoc on our tender hope. Slay the demons of self-doubt by reinforcing faith in yourself through acts of self-kindness.

Accept yourself for who you are. Let your aspirations put down roots in the rich fertile soil of your imagination. Spend fifteen minutes or more each day daydreaming. Do not analyze or replay the events of the day. Simply put away the anxiousness and feel the warmth of happiness.

Be good to yourself. Know that you are a unique person worthy of love and happiness. Sharing this joy will magnify the love in the world around you. Live the life you have been given with LOVE.

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