The Wonder of it All

The glory of our world is beyond words. One just has to open their heart to the infinite possibilities. The beach views this morning were magical.

The sea foam was undulating in the strong winds. Marveling at it, I remembered reading that sea foam is the skeletal remains of microscopic ocean flora and fauna. Periodically splendid sunlight pierced the gray clouds and illuminated a thousand rainbows across the ethereal foam.

The howling winds swept the beach. The sky was electrified with negative ions. My pulse synchronized with the pounding surf.

Stand astride two worlds. Feel the omnipotence. Sense the sacred presence. Be in the kinetic moment.

I was allowed to peek into another dimension and was humbled by the revelation.

For a few minutes, I was like a clump of flowering seaweed drifting in the tides of time. The moment stretched across infinity and back to me. Alone within the grand embrace of divine grace.

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