Able to be Sustainable

We all can enjoy the grandeur and bounty of nature. Humans are animals and as such we feel the need to be part of nature. Some animals, like the horse have been our partners for millennia. These magnificent animals assisted in the creation of human civilization, and continue to assist us today. They also provide us with peaceful recreation.

Some animals like these barnacles move through our world barely noticed. But they too perform a vital function in our world, as does the sea grass and driftwood. Every part of nature has a niche it fills.

Some animals provide for humans. We enjoy crabbing. It is a fine recreation. When crabbing you have to learn about the crabs’ aquatic environs. Patience is a virtue, or so it has been said, and that is especially true with crabbing. The amount of skill involved is minimal really. There is always an element of luck, and that feeds into the superstitions of the sea.

Choose a sustainable way of living. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of nature. Remember the lessons of childhood: Never take more than you need. Clean up after yourself. And smile.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “Nothing can resist the person who smiles at life.”

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