Patterns of the Divine

Life imprints upon our hearts the sacred and the profane. Far too often our true nature contorts to fit social situations in order to feel accepted. But by altering our self for others we compromise our sacred connection to the divine.

There is no need to nurture a false self to experience happiness. You are a wonder just as you are. Do not degrade or denigrate your god-given gifts. Open your eyes to the sublime dimensions spread before you. Holy signs and signals abound.

Once you grasp the humblest truths, oceans spring forth from dewdrops and mountains arise from grains of sand. You are already blessed. Turn off the negatives and switch on the positives. Although you cannot control most daily events, it is within your power to change how you react to them. Abandon self-pity and self-doubt in favor of empowerment and understanding.

Discover within you the pulsating energy of creation. You can create yourself anew. Believe in the capacity of sincerity to wear away apprehension and fear. Let your heartbeat harmonize with the omnipresent patterns of the divine. Find happiness. Live your life wrapped in truth and LOVE.

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Read my books at: Wheeler was a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper editor during the time he lived in China from 2007-2019. In China he worked for: Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Propaganda Ministry. In addition to his magazine and newspaper work, Wheeler edited and contributed to: multiple travel guides; numerous textbooks; several research and translation projects; and advertising copy for countless clients. As a university lecturer, Wheeler developed several university courses including Appreciation of Western Poetry and Introduction to Journalism. He taught Writing, Literature, Culture, Film, and other subjects. His success as a foreign teacher and editor led to Wheeler being awarded Teacher of the Year honors several times at two major universities. In addition to writing, Wheeler was an actor in China. He was on a television show; and the voice for Hangzhou Tourism as well as acting on stage. Wheeler's most unusual role was being the spokesman for a wallpaper adhesive company.

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