Happy Affirmation

Life can become inundated with swirling troubles large and small. These difficulties sling trash and trauma against us. Eventually adversity can wear down our treasure house of optimism. Forward steps become smaller and more hesitant. We doubt. We question. We second guess.

The path ahead can seem chaotic. Our most vulnerable inner self winces at the thought of trying to move ahead. But we must believe in the infallible almighty hand that holds us dear. The transcendent spirit of the glorious universe shines upon your heart. Turn away from anxiety and doubt. Quiet your thoughts however you can. Listen on the wind for sublimely affirming whispers.

It is hard to subdue the anxious terrors that have occupied your thoughts for so long. But believe you are not alone. There are mighty spirits walking beside you. The day will come when you can once again smile at the simple joys. There will be a time when you can once again feel safe and sound within the day-to-day. Find the time to soothe your apprehensive heart.

Try this simple technique. Breathe in through your nose to the count of four. Hold the breath and count to four. Slowly release the breath through your mouth for four beats. Repeat from three to six times. This simple technique is called tactical breathing. It reduces stress so you can handle your burdens.

See the glory in simplicity. Lay down the sadness. Find happiness in your life. May you THRIVE.

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