In Every Grain of Sand

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” Rachel Carson

The beach allows one to calmly empty their thoughts and fill their hearts. Standing beside the vastness is both humbling and inspiring. On the beach, we can sense our humanity’s birthright. Civilization spread throughout the world once we ventured out onto the ocean.

Every second, the titanic forces of the ocean batter the global shorelines. The twice daily rhythm of advancing and retreating tides ceaselessly offers up an endless array of organic treasure. Just as the old saying states, you never step into the same water twice, the shifting sands of the beach are never the same from day to day or minute to minute. It is the same with our lives. Minute by minute we cast our finite grains of mortality into the void ahead not knowing when we will expend the final atom of life.

Enjoy your life. Fill each day with as much meaning as you can muster. Do not simply take life for granted. Find ways to bring more joy into your days. Know that, the simple pleasures of a conversation with a loved one, or a solitary hour spent in contemplation, extend the duration of time between each grain of mortality passing.

In every grain of being there is wonder. Mark your days with sparkling flecks of happiness. Tell the story of your world through your smile. Begin today.

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