The Stuff of Life

A man must find time for himself. Time is what we spend our lives with. If we are not careful we find others spending it for us…. It is necessary, now and then, for a man to go away and experience loneliness; to sit on a rock in the forest and ask himself, ‘Who am I, and where have I been, and where am I going?’… If one is not careful, one allows diversions to take up one’s time – the stuff of life. Carl Sandburg

Time is what we spend our lives with. That line hit me like a thunderbolt. I hear so many people say, I am just too busy, I don’t have time, I wish I could… YOU CAN! YOU DO HAVE TIME! I want to shout at them. I want to take them by the hand and lead them to a quiet place so they can spend time in self-reflection. It is critical to your happiness to look inward – alone.

Words have multiple meanings depending upon the context. The word lonely is just such a double-edged sword. The most common meanings have to do with depression and are tinted with sadness. But lonely can simply mean being alone. That in itself should not hold negative connotations. It is glorious to wander alone, lost in your own thoughts. Empty your head of the nattering worries and chattering crumbs of conversation and be alone with yourself.

Take time to release the adopted personas we all carry with us. Reclaim time from your busy schedule for your own self-care. By drifting along in your own mind-stream you recharge your spirit. Shelter for a while in the potent depths of your subconscious mind. Meander alone and simply BE YOURSELF.

Find joy in the little things you discover. Feel fortunate as you take note of the finer details of your marvelous soul Be with your true self today. Don’t wait. Do not allow diversions to eat up all your precious time – the stuff of life.

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