Life and Death are One

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. Kahlil Gibran

Life and death are connected one to the other along infinite paths. This gull’s remains provide evidence of the eagle’s feeding. All life converts death into life. We are sustained by sacrificing the life-spark of other beings.

So-called lower forms of life are consumed with little thought given to snuffing out their non-sentient existence. These creatures exist in abundance across the earth, and should be harvested in a sustainable way to save our planet. We humans are the top of the food chain and as such we depend on the survival of the species below us. Just as the rivers and the seas are all one – we too are one with the living earth.

This sea lion washed up on the beach six months ago. For several months as its body slowly decayed, dozens of species fed on its remains. Slowly the finer details of its once supple body eroded and holes appeared, exposing bones and sinews, muscles and fat. For months the carcass was covered by sand. Recently it was exposed again, and there was still edible bits and pieces for the gulls, crows and insects to consume. Nothing is wasted in death. Obliteration takes place over time, but in a sense death is annihilates the individual’s life but in turn provides for the life others. The river of our lifetime flows into the great crucible of transmigration.

Life and death fold endlessly one into the other. The miraculous world in which we live rolls on and on. The water, the sky, the land – belong to all life, and we must all play a positive part in the natural order.

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