Music in its Roar

There is pleasure in the pathless woods; There is rapture on the lonely shore; There is society, where none intrudes; By the deep sea, and music in its roar… – Lord Byron

There is a remarkable grandness to be discovered walking alone in nature. The poignant vastness is akin to wandering through gallery after gallery of an extraordinary art museum or monumental natural history museum. Do not stride from goal to goal – meander. Allow the eye to point the way.

Pause and ponder the modernist qualities of silhouettes in the sand. Strange portrait-like strokes highlight the interplay of light and shadow upon the land. On a calm day the canvas changes slowly, altered by gentle winds drifting lazily across the dunes. The intermingled organic elements decorously accentuate the artist’s prowess.

Abstract assemblages jut energetically from the soft sand as if pleading with the pounding surf. Sculpted from cinders of its former majesty, a once mighty tree succumbs, and in its burned-out frame reveals truths of man’s relationship to nature. The work suggests incomprehensible metaphorical meaning could be discovered if one ponders long enough.

Touch the grains of sand and wood. Feel the pointed shards of shell and wonder at the life form that once scuttled along the ocean bottom only to meet its end on the borderline between sand and sea. The composition of the collage hints at a purposeful placement of elements by the unseen hand that also drives the wind and waves.

Find rapture along the lonely shores, or walking alone on a path of cement or dirt. Listen to the music in the air. Let the notes of nature fill you with happiness. Enjoy the endless masterpieces awaiting you.

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