The Spring of Experience

He who neglects to drink from the spring of experience is likely to die in the desert of ignorance. Li Bai

Experience is our first and last teacher. We experience the world in contrasts of warmth/cold, light/dark. Broad sensations wordlessly implant in our freshly blossoming minds. Like the sunrise melting away the frost, our minds begin to illuminate the world by interpreting our experiences.

Deep layers of knowledge begin to accumulate long before words can be summoned to explain details about this unique adventure – begun in the cradle. Differentiating textures and subtly of shades and borders attract our innate curiosity and we explore the landscape as far as possible, learning our limitation and restrictions as we go.

Understanding increases with the deepening of our vocabulary. The intense desire to know paints layer upon layer of meaningful self-interpretation with overtones of connotation. By slaking our thirst for direct knowledge in the spring of experience, we heighten the ecstasy. The mind reels from the intellects torrents of verbiage.

One must never cease searching for deeper meaning within the grains of truth spread before the infinite ocean. But with humility we must give ourselves over to the greater reality in order to experience the infinite. Beyond our senses rolls the mighty waves of eternity – cresting and falling – endlessly booming out the call of love everlasting.

Experience life up to the final ray of light which signals the transformation of this existence for the boundless realm into which we commit our being. Strengthen your soul through positive experiences. Learn from life how to live as fully as you can.

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