The Eternal Present

In Art, the Present is the eternalKakuzo Okakura

Art impacts deep inside our soul. The artist’s energy rolls and twirls across their medium – canvas, stone, fabric, wood…. and charms their work with life. Captivating attraction connects the viewer across time until both the artist and the audience join in the eternal present. Art exists along a nonlinear timeline. The work is created at a certain point of time, but admirers exists outside the artist’s time-frame.

Nature’s masterstrokes abound beside the ocean. Ephemeral creations spring forth from the ever-changing waters overnight. In the boundless present moment, I discover the Master’s handiwork draped haphazardly beneath the raised curtain of the tide. Here and there curiosities grabbed my attention along the way, just as ancient sages left lessons for discovering the real world so often obscured by overthinking.

Sticks become dancing figures and strands of seaweed are so obviously their apparel. Structures form around fragments of wood and shell just as ancient people saw warriors, dippers, and gods by connecting shining stars at night. But looking too closely chases away the fantastic instead replacing it with so-called deeper meaning based on one form of biased interpretation or another. No. Leave the “hidden meaning” behind and appreciate the present moment in all its inherent simplicity.

Look at the world wordlessly. Do not try to impress deep significance into the supple medium of the present. As Picasso said, …Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Turn loose of the past and shield your eyes from the future. Be in the Present and admire the exquisiteness of Now.

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