You Mustn’t Miss the Dawn

You mustn’t miss the dawn. It will never be just like this again. Georgia O’Keeffe

There are many advantages to rising early. The fresh energy that washes over your body as the sun, still below the horizon, begins to excite the air. The atmosphere comes to life with a low pulsing dynamism. The clouds are like a curtain billowing across the awakening sky.

Warm fleshy pink tones tint the fading veil of darkness. Nature, stirring in the growing light, feels as familiar as a lover’s bare shoulders. A sweet caress of youthful vitality caresses the face and tousles the hair. For a brief time it is as if great mysteries wait to be taken in and discovered.

There is only now, standing beneath a unique sky ever-changing from tints of Monet and Renoir overlaying whispers of William Blake and Keats. There is a glory, short-lived, but long remembered, in the first hour of dawn. Truth laid bare can be appreciated wordlessly. The present moment spreads outwards towards infinity.

The brightening electric blue background signals the culmination of the dawn’s opening sonata. Dawn’s decrescendo gives way to daylight’s ascendance. The inner voice demands “The day has begun daydreamer – time to move on and get things accomplished”. There will be another, different dawn tomorrow, but it is true that it will never be just like this one again.

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