The Power of Love

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. There is nothing stronger than love, and love is manifested in many ways. Today I discovered two pieces of bamboo – far from their origin in Asia – one atop the other. This sign of the cross represents love to over two billion people, not just the emblem but the inner meaning and the power of love flowing from the divine universe into the open hearts of those who believe. We all should manifest the grace of loving all people no matter their beliefs which is the true message I received as a boy.

The forces of nature are enchanting. They swell the heart with joyous passion. And from this sandy point of earth, one can reach any other shore in far distant lands. I imagine there are a myriad of other people staring across the water, whether sacred rivers, life-giving springs, or vast open seas, at the same moment I am sending out my prayers for peace. Water carries our dreams and loving wishes across the unknown. It stands as a metaphor for our connection to the infinite love that surrounds all things.

This tree was cut down after growing for about as many years as I have been on earth. For over twenty thousand days we stood upright in our world. The sun shone and the rains beat down, our roots went down deep into our native soil. As I traveled far, I took with me my native soil and the lessons I learned. Just as the sun spreads warmth and life, I tried to spread knowledge and understanding. Through this I began to feel my love of knowledge, and creativity were revelations of the gifts granted to me. We all must make our peace with the demons we feel haunt us in our darkest moments; at the same time we must welcome the peace of accepting ourselves for who we are, and not what we could have been. Forever looking into the past will blind you to the present, which is where you live now.

Forgive those who have wronged you. Leave behind the hate or distress that threatens to rend your heart into a thousand pieces. Fill your heart with love. Let love bring peace to you, those around you, and perhaps one wonderful day – Peace to the World. Today I pray more people discover the endless power of love – today. Peace

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