Letting Things Take Their Course

Rushing into action, you fail. Trying to grasp things, you lose them. Forcing a project to completion, you ruin what was almost ripe. Therefore the master takes action by letting things take their course. LaoZi

With all the holidays at the end of the year, people can become very stressed out and feel as if they have reached the end of their rope. The urge to create a satisfying celebration for yourself and those you care about can be overwhelming. Far too many people become emotional wrecks around the holidays. If you have already tried to grasp too much and feel your grip on happiness loosening, chill out and find time to relax.

Some families have old scores to settle, or emotional scabs to pick. While others nearly suffocate one another trying to make the best of the time they do have together. Sometimes after a family get-together it can help to find some friends to hang out with. Friends are not as emotionally invested in your family issues, and talking to them gives some people a new perspective on what had been agitating them.

Or if you have had enough of the maddening crowd walk away from the group and take some me time. Take a deep seat and a far away look an old cowboy told me once. Perch somewhere and simply let time flow. Don’t rush back into stressful situations anytime soon. There is truly no hurry.

Releasing stress and relaxing are critical after the holidays. Take no action before you are ready. when you do return to your normal element, you will find things have taken their course naturally without you doing anything at all. Learn to stay calm at the beginning and the end of stressful situations and just be yourself. With the new year and new decade quickly approaching, resolve to unlearn harmful behaviors and defuse toxic relationships. Do these and you will positively have a reason to celebrate.

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