Shadow is a Color

Shadow is a color as light is, only less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones. Paul Cezanne

One cannot have light without shadow. The shades of experience give depth to our lives just as a shadow brings out otherwise unseen details. To focus only on positive impressions would make life bland and as unsatisfying as weak broth. Existence is built upon limitless experiential tones which can heighten our potential awareness of the deeper reality behind the shadows and light.

The relationship of experience and knowledge challenge our ability to accept or question what our senses reveal about the world. Artists stand forever bathed in the color of shadows. Knowledge becomes technique and experience the wellspring. Being an artist brings ecstasy and misery sometimes simultaneously. All too many artists wrestle demons as they soar with angels. To stay productive artist must find a way to balance the relationship between the colors of light and shadow. That dynamic friction betwixt chaos and order sparks the creative fire.

Nature’s creations enliven an otherwise commonplace scene. I wander the beach alone and discover splendor in what some would consider mundane settings. Sand and wood become a shadow play of nature’s subtle and relentless intensity. Steadfast against the storm, I witnessed Creation’s handiwork – piling grain by grain, speck by speck alternating strokes of light and dark. A sacred mandala was conjured out of thick air. The thickened air, filled with sandy medium, wielded by howling winds, tossed masterpieces against every boundary.

Shadows and shades aggregate into the bedrock of personal truth and understanding. Our marvelous minds modulate our perceptions. Artists regularly tinker with control mechanisms in order to refocus on inspiration instead of more practical matters. Find a way to counterbalance the colorful shadows and lights and find your inspiration.

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