A Mermaid’s Purse

There is, one know not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath… Herman Melville

Lines of poetry have been whirling around my mind these days. Almighty spirits permeate our Universe / The infinitesimal motions of their comings and goings constantly alter the fine grains of reality’s foundation stones/ The hidden soul beneath whispers to our hearts when we are still / Intersecting metaphysical threads snare the curious in a web of wonder/

Magnificent winds howled through here last night, leaving behind a thrilling energy. This morning I discovered “Mermaid Purse” – egg case for a ray. I noticed a mound along the high water mark, and when I looked down I saw this strange shape. I pulled the object from the sand and realized right away it was an egg case, which is often called a mermaid purse.

The case was intact. I read that they can survive in the ocean for weeks, months and possibly a year. I marveled at the mysterious world within. There were glorious embryos drifting around the boundaries of their salty womb. The case was heavy and about the size of my two hands put together.

The miracle of life was unfolding before my eyes. I instantly felt a kinship with these astonishing unborn creatures. Hungry gulls noticed my find and began to circle above me. Wasting no time, I marched down to the water and placed this fantastic life-raft into the rolling tide. Stepping back to keep an eye on the gulls, I watch the mermaid purse make its way back out to sea. I hope this simple kindness will allow some of the wee things to hatch and thrive.

At the water’s edge we connect to the hidden soul beneath the waves. Kindness, and decency towards one another are natural products of becoming connected to the Almighty Spirit. Believing in the sanctity of your spirit, reunites you with wonder. Let that wonder shine in your eyes and thrive.

Be good to each other.

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