Artists’ Souls

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.Henry Ward Beecher

The world is filled to overflowing with inspiration standing in opposition to entropy. The creative process begins with a vague wandering off of the mental path. There is a whisper to turn the head a certain way – to alter perspective in a novel way. An artist muses without logic or reason. The implausible is summoned and sketched onto imaginary canvas. When the moment is right, the brush passes through the soul-gate onto the work.

What ifs and maybes become realized with each brushstroke and keystroke. Thinking is silenced in favor of focus. Intent and improvisation dance to the rhythm of a heart free to create. There is no better feeling than floating along in the timeless moment of creation. Lost in rapturous creation. Past pains, and ecstasies roll and tumble in free-fall.

The artistic high when the soulbrush can continue uninterrupted to fruition is an unequaled rush. Plotting out and planning stifle the imagination. Get it down on the page. Create like your heart will break if prevented from that first draft, that rough sketch. Speak from your vulnerabilities and wail out into the void. I am HERE. Now. Weave your individual essence into the subtext or on the surface. This, for now, is your mystery to craft. It is your decision to hold it tightly or to set it free. That very personal decision truly is freedom.

The Dao de Jing (Tao Te Ching) – the Book of the Way identifies the source of creativity as “The Gate of All Wonder”. Through that gate flows motivation, inspiration, and revelation. We all paint our own nature into our lives, and in so doing we reveal ourselves to those around us. Be gentle with one another’s vulnerabilities, and share your glorious true self with the world. Create the way forward that you envision. Shine a positive light all around.

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