Once We Believe in Ourselves

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. e.e. cummings

Our modern world suffers from increased complexity. A multitude of distractions vie to refocus our thoughts towards their product. The commodification of our attention has infiltrated deep into the substrata of our collective minds. There are thousands upon thousands of individuals programming digital diversions to gain a toehold in your life.

The 21st Century social landscape is entangled with media. But sometimes these electronic threads get tangled around our innermost thoughts. The over-sized importance of “being connected” throttles self-confidence and weakens ones fortitude. Events are rehearsed in order to appear as spontaneous moments in captured images or short videos. The impromptu context is actually a planned tableau. Once that moment passes, the hollowness can leave one feeling flat and unfulfilled.

The hidden light of wonderment glows brightly behind these media recreations. One simply has to relearn how to put away these modern toys, and go outside to play. The boundless human spirit will tease out the real experience from the environment. Inhibitions will fall away and confidence will rise.

Unplug and stride forward with confidence. Disconnect for a while. Be with your own thoughts and let the experiences flow from there. Power down for a while. Switch off and tune in to your life. The real you is on the other side of the looking-glass.

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