As if You Were on Fire

As if you were on fire from within/The moon lives in the lining of your skin.Pablo Neruda

Love takes many forms in our lives from our mother’s voice murmuring through the womb to our lover’s final kiss as we depart this world for the next. Love connects our earthly hearts to the divine embrace. For this we will risk all. But to feel this sublime joy we first need to trust.

Pulsing ardor courses through our veins / Reason is cast aside / Hearts ablaze / Passions overflow / Warily, afterwards in soft quiet whispers / Excitement transforms into fidelity or expires / Hope, tenderness, consideration – Faith – we pledge our best / Together – Forever

The ring on my finger symbolizes the never ending beginning of the ever-renewing promise of love. I hold sacred the vow …to have and to hold. For that pledge was uttered within an answered prayer. The almighty sent her to me, and from my darkest hours, I was delivered. She is the glimmering moon that lives forever in the lining of my skin. And together we shelter one another from unforeseen storms. This love lights the path to the hereafter.

I do not expect or desire perfection. For it is in our imperfections that we reveal our true selves. Our honest self is the greatest gift of all – no pretenses – no games. We were formed from the divine clay of infinity. The universe breathed its love into our hearts and empowered our spirits with hope. It is hope that attunes two hearts one to the other. This eternal firelight of devotion warms our souls. Together, we reunite with the Universe and become as One.

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