Art and Magic

Without magic, there is no art. Without art, there is no idealism. Without idealism, there is no integrity. Without integrity, there is only production. Raymond Chandler

A child’s world is lit by magic and filled with fantasy. The imaginary manifests like the wind – unseen but there nonetheless. Fanciful thoughts lead to imaginative creations. Art flows from the spirit not from formulas and diagrams. Representations of imaginary worlds illuminate shining ideals and brilliant virtues.

Idealism is often frowned upon by those who oppose change. Keeping things as they are benefits the older established generations, but tamps down the enthusiasm of idealistic youth. Budding youth must be allowed to blossom. Posterity should be encouraged to create a better world by pursuing their enchanting idealistic ideas. Principled people with integrity need to stand up, hold open future’s door and then step aside.

Idealism fosters integrity. Believing in a better way improves life for everyone. But sadly, some members of the older generations have stood in the way of youth-driven progress for far too long. By using up resources and fighting for the status quo the preceding generations have encouraged stagnation and impeded progress. Young adults are stuck maintaining the support for their elders while their dreams languish.

I adore the next generations’ art-of-life. Online, with apps, and digital threads these vigorous magic-makers create virtual worlds in which portions of their lives can thrive. They repurpose obsolete remnants and upcycle them into artworks for an as yet unnamed epoch. The future does not belong to the pre-internet generation. The prospect is bright for humanity because these blossoming generations are filled with integrity, artistry and magic. I graciously stand aside and will celebrate the creation of their remarkable world.

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