In the Silence Between

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Quietude is critical to health: body, mind and spirit. In tranquility deep sustained vibrations harmonize our hearts with the planet. For our whole life, our pulse, like the ocean, swings with the moonlight. We just need to take the time to notice. In self-reflection we can hear the silence between the notes. Before long, we find ourselves rocking in peaceful reverie with the omnipresent rhythm of the music of the spheres.

All reality is founded upon vibration from the sub-atomic to the cosmic. All reality vibrates with the energies of existence and consciousness from particles to stars and from bacteria to humanity. It’s all vibrating. Resonance connects like to like and sets up a symbiotic synergy across the universe.

All the universe is vibrating, from the cosmic to the atomic.

Matter also has a form of spirit. That is not to say that rocks are necessarily aware but the structure of a rock is a conscious structure just not self-aware, and unlike animated matter if you put two rocks together in the same room, they will not produce a third rock – as their spirit is locked in. Self-consciousness appears up the ladder with increasingly complex lifeforms gaining the ability to consciously make changes to the environment, and themselves.

Once an individual realizes they are also part of the larger world, they can choose to explore inwardly, moving through various layers of reality until they reach the final Omega Point at the end of the spiral, the bottom of the cone, and find all is one. An epiphany comes from the realization that you are part of that larger whole.

Part of this post was excerpted from my semi-autobiographical novella: Positive Light In the book I write about inspiration, love, and expand on my spiritual views.

In the next few days, I will be changing my blog’s structure to the new domain, The new website will include this blog, as well as my writing, art and travel. Thank you for reading.

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