Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative. H.G. Wells

From our first breaths to the last, we cope. All of us have adapted to the life we are born into. Some are better adjusted than others, but each and every one of us gets by. Life’s deeply embedded tenacity whispers to us from beyond the boundaries of intellect and reason. When complexities of modern societies engulf and overwhelm our rational inclinations instincts kick in, and we find a way.

Curiosity and daring drove humankind forward from primitive mere existence towards a galaxy of cultures all brimming with unique interpretations of human existence. Myths and legends bolster the underpinnings of society, but now through a vast global consciousness we can connect to one another as individuals. For only the past few decades, humanity has been able to venture forth in search of a global identity. We search now for our shared human nature.

At the same time, we as a global species face crises of immense proportions: climate change, extinctions, and today – covid-19. A worldwide fever has overtaken so much of the planet – the true scale of which we can only guess at for the moment. Sickness and potential death, preoccupies our news and conversations. Some choose to ignore the reality we face, while others are coping with the necessary changes. Do not despair for you are not alone. We will face these demons together.

We will contain the disease – together. The modern, interconnected technological wonderland we have created can resist the unliving virus that has infected so many. But in the end it is up to each of us to take the responsibility to love and care for those around us, and hold our heads up to see the problem clearly. Be smart. Replace irrational fear with knowledge. Stand tall and know what you face ahead. Take care and stay safe. Peace

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Read my books at: Wheeler was a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper editor during the time he lived in China from 2007-2019. In China he worked for: Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Propaganda Ministry. In addition to his magazine and newspaper work, Wheeler edited and contributed to: multiple travel guides; numerous textbooks; several research and translation projects; and advertising copy for countless clients. As a university lecturer, Wheeler developed several university courses including Appreciation of Western Poetry and Introduction to Journalism. He taught Writing, Literature, Culture, Film, and other subjects. His success as a foreign teacher and editor led to Wheeler being awarded Teacher of the Year honors several times at two major universities. In addition to writing, Wheeler was an actor in China. He was on a television show; and the voice for Hangzhou Tourism as well as acting on stage. Wheeler's most unusual role was being the spokesman for a wallpaper adhesive company.

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