The Art of Vision

Vision is the art of seeing things invisibleJonathan Swift

Within and without – reality is a miraculous collage of impressions and expressions. Auras of sensations accompany everything and are revealed by changing perspectives. Divine spirits meld with seemingly mundane objects. The natural world sparkles from the presence of a wonderful purity. Visions abound out there within the metaphysical panorama.

At times negative thoughts bear down upon the crown of the head like oppressive storm clouds. Pressure of the daily grind compresses the spirit and constricts hope. Shadows chill the heart and the light begins to fades. Step away from melancholy. Seek the warmth of self-reflection within nature’s embrace. From a single potted plant to a vast vista, invisible realms of serenity await.

Nature reconnects the most ancient human conscience to the native origins of all life. Visions spring forth from the basic elements of wind, earth, fire, water. A majestic charm conjures fantastic creatures and rough amulets from driftwood and stone. Shoe-prints join paw and claw-prints beneath an azure vault. The once-invisible manifests in translucent outlines and transitory pictures. The indomitable spirit rises and the true self is reclaimed from the ash heap.

The positive light is reignited from the natural brightness. Set aside the unreal in favor of the real. You – each of you – matters more to this world than any: deadline, performance review, tally sheet, bottom line, profit margin, or other artificial measure of your value as a person. Do not allow your dignity to be infringed upon. Hold your head high, no matter the situation. For all of us are shimmering motes within heavenly glory. Peace and Love.

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