Manifesting Change

One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end. Krishnamurti

Currently we all face an uncertain future for ourselves and our loved ones, for our friends, coworkers and strangers alike. We all are in this together. A cloud of unknowns has descended upon us. There are no clear answers. We hear basic advice like that we were given as children. Practice good hygiene; get out of the way of the dark leviathan breaching from a dreadfully deep ocean of pestilence.

A myriad of choices have been narrowed down to the few options left. There is no going back. Twilight has come and there is only passing through to the other side of the darkness. Too many people have not listened, and this endangers us all even more. But there can not be a reset. There is no pause button. This is not a game. This is all too real. The Known is coming to an end.

Up ahead, emotional thickets and sorrowful brambles await some. But each of us can say a prayer of hope. Hope that the night will pass swiftly and be less terrifying than the worse-case scenarios say. Everyone can steel themselves, while continuing to live their lives as best they can. Do not give in to pessimism and negativity. Instead, shine with positive light as the unknown becomes the known. You and all you love can benefit from your benediction.

As it has been since the beginning of time, the sun will set on the familiar world we know now; but the sun will rise over a changed world. Let’s believe it will change for the betterment of all. The virus is raging across different nations at different times. But I pray all of us will be able to meet the new dawn. It waits just up ahead. Stay strong. Stay healthy. Peace.

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