Our Journey Together

The world, as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein

Rainbows occur during the storm, not after it. They are shimmering signs of what is to come once the storm passes. Around the world, there is an upwelling of love and kindness. So many people are lending themselves to the effort. The Internet has become our meeting place. We the people of the good Earth. We can lift each other’s spirits and lessen each other’s anxiety through simple acts of kindness. These gentle gestures become a shield against the bitter winds. The society we live in is a mental construct. Our thinking creates the stage upon which we live our lives.

The familiar surroundings of home, work, play are freezing over with the Fifth Season’s chilling breath. Schools, businesses, parks, stores, …. once ordinary places have been invaded by a loathsome atmosphere. The familiar world is dissolving. With the retreat, we have found one another again – in the interconnected digital mirror. Our commonality, our senses of humor and creative magic has become our lifeboat. We have found refuge in a space that is ours to make. Goodness is rising.

The waves of sickness and death surge around the globe. But we are slowly restraining the viral beast. The courage of millions of hope-filled hearts is reconstructing the barricades against the flood. We can be the shining hope for those who care for loved ones, isolated and alone. Our wishes go out to those stricken who, God willing, one day will walk out into the sunshine again. We all can change our thinking about the type of world we will accept when this is over. All of us can refuse to allow the inequalities of systems that reward so few. Our reward will be the journey we have taken together in equality.

The questions of what type of world we will create can be answered by our dreams. Share your hopes with one another. Comfort those strangers you meet with a smile and not suspicious glances. Believe in the sweet virtues with which we all were born. The raw materials of the world up ahead lie on the petrified ground all about us – here in this disassembling present. Select what makes you happy, what you value, what defines the world you wish to live in. And walk towards the light. Stay safe and care for one another. Peace and Love.

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