For Those We Love

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead. Graham Greene

So many people are posting about who they staying inside for. I am staying inside for my wife and for my children. My kids are all adults with lives of their own, but I want the longest future I can with them in my life. The same is true for my wife and I. Continuing our story together means the world to me. Lately, the two of us have been looking out for each other even more than usual. Although it seems like ages since we first met, each day starts fresh with smiling kindness.

Each relationship is unique,with its own texture, tone, private experiences… This is true throughout human society. These days the internet is full of stories, some brief and marvelous, some short and painful. Individuals around the world are opening up to one another. Communication is a golden key that opens the door to familiarity and understanding. Billions of visual conversations are taking place each day. So much so the global bandwidth is nearly maxing out at times.

We all are choosing the moments of experience that sustain us. For me, I try to find the positive perspective because I understand the impact of negativity all too well. Naysaying and pessimism have no place in our home. The first thing that attracted me to my wife was her screen name, Happy Hong. I wrote to her, and she wrote back. But it felt as if our story had begun long before that. It was as if the paths we both walked were connected years ahead of our beginning together. Destiny, fate, luck… All these things brings us to one another.

The moments of experiences string together one after the other. There is no path backwards. There is only progressing forward into what we call the future. Protecting and caring for one another now will bring us through to the other side. Find some folks out there who make you laugh, inspire you, show you a side of life you could not know otherwise. But most of all find someone, or something to love. Through love the adventure of life can carry on. Stay positive. Peace.

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