Prose Poem of Hope

Fear makes us feel our humanity. Benjamin Disraeli

(A Prose Poem of Hope) A grim, gray fear fills the sky. Trembling uneasiness shivers in cold shadows. But shuddered windows and bolted doors offer little comfort. So many are greeted by dim wraiths in the mirror and shadows lurking down darkened halls,. Precious sweet dreams elude far too many. A gloomy pall has fallen over billions of souls. What can cushion the spirit in such times?

Fragile wisps of shredded plans are tossed into teary eyes. Remnants of what could have been have crumbled and must be abandoned. Do not let the crisis destroy much needed aspirations. Endurance is patience concentrated according to Thomas Carlyle We must be patient. The icy grip of heightened anxiety will dissipate and blessed warmth will return.

From the darkness will shine the golden orb of deliverance. The glorious radiance of our shared humanity will be the origin of our liberation from the nightmare. Tenderness towards one another will strengthen the resolve to face down despair. Humanness will illuminate the horizon with hope.

Anguish will one day give way to jubilation. But that day has not come. Some people still imagine there is no danger, and they ignore the warnings at the peril of everyone. Such selfishness costs lives and delays the inevitable triumph of the human spirit. That day is not, as yet, in sight. It is however already within every heart and soul. The victory over the scourge awaits – further down the hard road on which everyone must travel for now. Peace.

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