How many times have you noticed that it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?Fred Rogers

Quiet is energizing. Mechanically the days move at the same pace, but moments slow down when passed quietly. The other morning I listened to the soft rustle of the sand blowing through the grass. Tranquility washed over me like a silken cleansing cloth. Soothing silence poured into my heart expanding the moments of peace. In music this would be called a Fermata – an unspecified pause; to stay or stop, prolonging a note or rest longer than normal. The symbol (above) looks like an eye, and is sometimes called a birdseye. That image popped into my head as I stood listening to the soft sea breeze – imagining an unseen conductor watching – holding the peaceful moment in suspension.

The tide serenely ebbs and flows. Ancient rhythms pulse over the wet sand. The seafoam carries hushed whispers of unseen aquatic creatures frolicking beneath the surface. Ultra-low infrasonic bass notes reverberate back and forth across the ocean from a distant earthquake, with the waves bouncing against my eardrum, unheard but sensed nonetheless. Calmness drifts about me as I stand on the border between sea and sand. Thoughts carelessly escape like notes of unwritten music.

Pausing before a weathered log, I lean closer to listen to the nearly imperceptible notes made by swirling gusts of wind across the natural soundhole. The lulling tones made me smile as if in a temporary trance. I froze, not wanting to alter the mesmerizing effect. The gentle note faded with the sharp staccato call of a jovial crow flying overhead. The quiet soon returned, with only the soft crack of the sand beneath my soles.

Chords of a noiseless repose swept over the sands. The quiet little moments had composed a gentle lullaby, beguiling worries and woes. Meandering back towards home, accompanied by the serene symphony, time became unstuck and flowed again with its standard second-to-second rhythm. But the impressions of stillness brought a timeless tranquility to my soul.

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