The Unwanting Soul

The unwanting soul sees what’s hidden, and the wanting soul sees only what it wants. – LaoZi

A modest purity dwells in the silky silence of blades of grass sweeping away the sand grain by grain. The spirit must open wide to discover such rich experiences. Stop the time-clock and uncover a cosmos: beneath your feet – over your head – before your eyes – within your heart. There, all around you are the answers you seek. But first you must subdue the chaos inside and release uncertainty.

Holding steadfast to the dunes, tenacious grass sculpts fine mandalas from motes of shifting sand. Beautiful intricate details arise as if from the fingertips of ethereal, meditating monks. An ever-altering universe is summoned into existence moment by moment. Stand and witness the life-energy all around. Nature needs no validation. Nature is Creation.

All inspiration, all thoughts, all art and all culture, spring from this single sacred well. It is our artificial world that leaves us wanting. Our unreality creates the illusion that something is lacking in our life. But it is untrue. One only needs to pull back the veil of confusion and doubt, to find the true glory has always been, and will always be. We just need to see what has been hidden.

There are billions of believers celebrating holidays at this wonderful time of year. The enormous pink moon has lit the night, spring flowers are in bloom. A sparkling energy flows connects us each to the other. Do not be ruled by empty needs. Find the holiness shining even in the finest details of this heaven in which we live. Let your unwanting soul dance and lift your spirits high is celebration. Be happy. Stay clear headed and live each moment as joyfully as you can. Peace.

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