The Body of the Soul

What men call the shadow of the body is not the shadow of the body, but is the body of the soul. Oscar Wilde

Shadows fall upon the path ahead. But there is a beacon of hope within us all. Radiating pure waves of eternity, the unquenchable fire of our soul lights the way. In this way we are bound to the omnipresent love of the Creator. Although called by many names, this divine source of all things exists, from the atomic to the cosmic, within us all. This is the light. This is the positive vibration. We embody this sacred reality.

It is far too easy to grow negative and shrink into a despondent shadow of what once was. This entropy of the soul reduces precious life to mere wants and desires. No one can walk with your feet, or speak from your heart, you must do that. But all can open our hearts and accompany one another through the shadows. Our spirits will overcome. The boundless human spirit contains the same energy that can power galaxies as well as shift grains of sand. Pause and feel it around and within – you.

Sublime truth carried us into this world and will carry us into the next. There is so much more to discover in today’s simplified version of reality. We all are gaining a finer appreciation for life. Priorities have been reduced to the essential and the daily to-do list has fewer items than since we were kids. This is the true world in which we can live once our basic needs are met. There doesn’t to be the clutter of things that once filled our days. The necessary leaves room for our true nature to shine.

Take the time to get comfortable in your skin again. Free your mind from future uncertainty. Be in the moment. Like the old adage – Be Here – Now. Shut off your automatic responses and find clarity in your life. The body of your soul is the universe. Hold high the lantern of positive light. May the present moment bring you peace.

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