Soften the Boundaries

Let us fight to free the world! To do away with greed, with hate and intolerance! Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all people’s happiness. Charlie Chaplin

Contemplate the deeper meanings of the word free for a few minutes. What comes to mind? To be Free is to act according to one’s will; liberate; or to be joyful and noble. Freedom softens boundaries and dissolves barriers. The World Wide Web has crossed every geographical boundary including outer space. And well over four billion people are connected through this cyberspace wonderland. It liberates us all from space and time, and to one degree or another we are free to pursue our own happiness through this digital marvel.

For the first time in human history, we the citizens of the 21st Century can share our personal experiences across political lines. The artificial borders between countries are temporarily replaced with vast openness. Meeting together in this global common can break the shackles of hatred and intolerance. Through expressing our individual nature we can intermingle cultures and be autonomous. And this autonomy is freedom.

Long ago, in the beginnings of the Internet and early WWW, there were very few commercial entities. The whole home Internet service was piggybacked onto the public networks run by universities, government agencies and large service providers. It was truly a cyber-frontier. Then the big corporations moved in and greed began to prop up a billion enticing facades masquerading as content. During this global restriction of movement, this greedy-media stew is fighting like hell to keep you interested in their product; to keep your eyeballs focused on their shiny objects; offering click-bait galore. Your attention has become a commodity. Stop for a few minutes and think about how you consume media. Does it make you happy? Good. Or is it just a distraction from the present reality?

As global progress has slowed, time has been given back to billions of people. Although it is costly for so many, unemployment, fighting against illness, this time suspension can be a catalyst for great positive change. Look around you at the ruins of what was. Imagine the joy times you could retain if you could carry forward the freedom of time. Join together across the globe and fight to free the world, even a little bit, from the tyranny of the greedy. Soften the boundaries between Us and Them, and replace them with JustUs. Justice.

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Read my books at: Wheeler was a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper editor during the time he lived in China from 2007-2019. In China he worked for: Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Propaganda Ministry. In addition to his magazine and newspaper work, Wheeler edited and contributed to: multiple travel guides; numerous textbooks; several research and translation projects; and advertising copy for countless clients. As a university lecturer, Wheeler developed several university courses including Appreciation of Western Poetry and Introduction to Journalism. He taught Writing, Literature, Culture, Film, and other subjects. His success as a foreign teacher and editor led to Wheeler being awarded Teacher of the Year honors several times at two major universities. In addition to writing, Wheeler was an actor in China. He was on a television show; and the voice for Hangzhou Tourism as well as acting on stage. Wheeler's most unusual role was being the spokesman for a wallpaper adhesive company.

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