Spiritual Fire

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. Plutarch

Each of us is born with a miraculous spark of curiosity. This mystical gift sparkles in our mind’s eye from our first moment in this wondrous world. This remarkable extrasensory fascination has propelled humanity towards the unknown for eons. The known is comforting while the unexplored is tantalizing. Our inquisitive nature urges us towards the undiscovered.

The divine numina residing within the emptiness between atoms is the same divine presence filling the cosmic vastness of the universe. This force is what compels our interest in the mysterious. For in this way we bond ourselves to the Infinite, bit by bit, throughout our lives. If we have followed our curiosity where it can lead, we will greet the final curtain with composure and not terror, for we are returning to the familiar.

With our mind’s fire to light the way through the darkness of ignorance, we can seek both the heights and the depths of living. Peaks lead to valleys and valleys to peaks. One requires the other in order to be perceived just as there can be no negative without positive. In this way, our eyes-wide-open souls should challenge rather than accept blindly. It is by overcoming the accepted boundaries that the individual mind can expand beyond the limitations and become unbounded. By doing so we return to the endless mind with which we were born. This immeasurable spirit dwelling within is an element of the divine presence connecting us to the infinite Way.

My writing and my art are the kindling that have kept my eternal flame burning within my mind throughout my lifetime. I believe this reverent glow will, many years from now, light my way into the Great Beyond. It is my most sincere hope that all of you can find some modest piece of kindling in all this to keep your minds afire. Keep your soul-fires burning brightly. Peace.

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