Truth of Imagination

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination. – John Keats

As Keats wrote of the holiness of the heart’s affections… the heart-mind brings passion to life – incarnating the soul within the body. The heart beats on-and-on from the first breath to the last, until the mortal coil unravels and turns to dust. But earthly death is not the end, just as birth was not the beginning. The holiness of existence, vibrantly clothed in human experiences, embodies the sacred spirit. And this sacred spirit manifests in the imagination. The power of the human imagination is god-given and is thus divine.

The rational mind attempts to contradict endless eternities through temporal demarcation lines drawn across infinity. But either side of the line is unending. Just as a home depends upon a solid foundation, much of experiential reality is grounded in reasonable explanations. But beyond those agreed upon interpretations lies the Truth of the Imagination. This kinetic truth summons something from nothing out of the quantum foam of originality. These fabulous brushes with eternity walk the fine line between genius and madness. For the word Genius comes from Latin genius “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth.” One’s personal genius lives in the imagination.

Genius also means “prophetic skill”, and the ancient concept of generative skill – give birth. When children are born, they are endowed with a genius to watch over them. As children are reformed by education and socialized, their personal guardian spirit can become trapped within the confines of childhood memories. Some leave behind this personal paladin and feel a sense of loss, a shadow roams around their heart in search of the doorway back to that golden time. That blessed spirit continues to patiently wait to be rediscovered. When glancing backwards towards the past, something tugs at the heartstrings, but so many mark it down to nostalgia. It is the materialized truth of the imagination.

Follow the heart’s affections and liberate the imagination. Search through old photos, and find a few where you were happy. What brought that smile to your face, or put that gleam in your eye? What do you have today that brings you joy? All of us have a god-given talent – a desire and inclination towards some original endeavor. If you have lost it; if have lost sight of your genius – make the utmost effort to affectionately look inside your heart and allow your guardian spirit to welcome you back – back to the Truth of the Imagination.

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