Manifesting Uniqueness

The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past. Gabriel García Márquez

Nostalgia is a two-edged sword. It allows us to return to former times in our lives, but those happier-than-now memories can sharpen the pain of these troubled present times. This delusive time traveling is a tricky business. As we all live through this pandemic, we should be keeping a journal. This documenting of our difficult times should not be used just to record our current gratitude. There should be entries of events that: frustrate, anger, frighten, also. The act of recording these passages of despair, dismay and doubt, is incredibly therapeutic.

The darker moments are necessary to truly understand the golden memories we will recall in the future. We must understand what we overcame to arrive at the time in the future when we can look back on these days and remember the good. The bitter will make the happy recollections all the sweeter. Your chronicle of the crisis will inform posterity. Do not let the victories, small and large fade into the inevitable media control of the narrative. The commercial media will try to make your sweet and sour days seem pale in comparison to those marketed as “based on true stories.” No story will be more true or more real than yours is to you and yours.

The unique life of each and every one of us has an immeasurable significance. Our world is home to over 7,800,000,000 manifestations of the divine universe. And each of those beautiful lives has unquantifiable meaning. One of the burdens we each bear is to try and find a way to make sense of the wretched statistics marking these dark times. As a way to honor the passing of so many souls, I stop for a few minutes several times a day and write down those awful rising numbers. One day in the future (it can’t come soon enough for me), I will put those notes in an envelope and tuck it away in my notebook next to the stories of talking to my kids, spending time with my wife, and all that I am grateful for.

Be comforted knowing our hearts’ memories will gently filter the bad times in favor of the positive. But, for now, we must make the best of the bad situations. Never believe for one single moment though that you are helpless and can not improve your future prospect. We who survive will remember these days and create our own destinies. Focus on the future you want to live in and step towards that better way. Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough. – T.S. Eliot.

Peace and Love to you and yours

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