Manifest Your Own Myth

Don’t be satisfied with stories of how things have gone for others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi

Satisfaction is not guaranteed in life. There is no way of knowing how things will turn out, but a person must understand themselves before they can be satisfied. Many people go through life trying to buy happiness in one way or another. One cannot fill a void inside with purchases. Happiness flows from detaching ones emotions from economics. Unhappy people try to increase their possessions, or buy increasingly expensive versions of unnecessary things. These wants must be reduced as far as possible to become truly satisfied.

These difficult economic times are challenging peoples’ notions of what is truly important. Finding satisfaction by decreasing the wants unburdens the mind to begin seeking alternatives to the way things were. The news is filled with articles about people seeking new paths for their lives now that the financial challenges ahead are growing larger. Celebrities, so-called stars, the famous and well-off are irrelevant to the true lives of the vast majority. Most of the stories of these wealthy VIPs are simply empty hype. Their artificial public personas are fake and as empty as a balloon. We, the real people, need to write our own myths – satisfy our needs by rewriting the book of our life.

More and more people are rethinking where they live, and the stress they are willing to endure. Young people, God Bless Them, are coming to grips with the limited real world choices they have been offered and substituting their truths for the stories told to them. They are replacing the carrot on the stick offered to them for a more sustainable set of life choices of their choosing. Make a list of all the attachments in life that prevent changing the way things are – and eliminate as many as possible – one by one.

Now is the time for The Great Rethink. People, all of us, must rethink the notion of suffering our lives rather than blessing our lives. So many people are rediscovering their love of cooking, gardening, painting, reading, sewing… Do not let set these aside when social-life returns. The hard times of adversity ahead can be softened by unfolding contemporary ways of living that match the heart and do not scar the soul. Happiness and satisfaction are found by decreasing wants and increasing laughter, smiles. and love. These things are priceless and free. Peace.

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