Everything You Imagine is Real

Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow. Khalil Gibran

Our world is awash in color. It is color that brightens, accents, attracts, lures one into a phantasmic dimension outside the mundane. Just a dash of color can alter moods, increase appetites or trigger deeply ingrained sense-memories. I will never forget the transcendent feeling when my mother bought me the 64 color box of crayons when I was old enough. I carefully took out each one, studied the label and put them back. It was nearly a religious experience for me. So many incredible new colors were identified like a color dictionary. That box of color opened my eyes to a larger world.

Then came color pencils, followed by paints which allowed me to create my own colors. My young mind was illuminated by color. As a university student, I collected fantastic color names, such as: blood orange, and mummy brown (made with real mummy bandages). All my university students liked to use the phrase – make life more colorful, in the sense of lively, interesting and rich. For color certainly does enrich our lives with chroma-washes, multi-hued lushness and tinted intrigue. As a writer, I try to paint word pictures of what I see. The colors of sensations can breathe life into the written word.

Before I write my blog entries, I sort through photos I have taken and try to choose four images with a common thread I can follow. I then study the textures, brightness, darkness and manipulate contrast and color to set the stage for creating. The photography colors the narrative I improvise, and illuminates the story I try to paint. I plug in to some jazz, ragas, ambient or blues and tune out the world around me. All the color fades leaving me with a blank white canvas. The quote I select is the downbeat, and off I soar following the kaleidoscopic reflections. While I write, my soul is bathed in color. My spirit blazes during this vibrant creation.

When the sunlight fades, and the last pale rays of dusk melt away to darkness, I celebrate the colorful life I’ve lived. When my kids were little, I kept a well-stocked shelf of all manner of art supplies: paper, canvas, paints, crayons, pencils, glue, clay, glitter, fabric, sticks, cardboard, wire, … Their colorful creations are my most cherished possessions, and I would not trade them for a pile of gold or silver. Imagining those beautiful little fingers busily creating brings me indescribable joy. Celebrate the colors of love and happiness in your life. Paint the future with all the colors in your box. Everything you can imagine is realPicasso.

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