The Soul is a Seed

The human soul is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls tooVincent van Gogh

The other day I watched a mated pair of eagles soaring above the sea and felt my spirit drawn out into the air to join them. Floating up to lofty heights, the warm winds gently lifted my heart ever higher. Whirls and whorls of wonder nourished my soul with nature’s dynamism. For a time, there was only my spirit-kite adrift in the breeze.

Returning to the earthbound journey, I walked along feeling the vibrations from the footsteps of ten thousand generations in the soles of my feet. The millions of triumphs coalesced into my collective being. A blood-memory fed intuition presses forward ever onward towards reunion. Hearing the raven’s call to its mate turns my head towards home.

The soul is a seed. More than an alchemist’s homunculus . The illuminated light of billions of stars condensed into a pinhead shines through the deepest darkness. Beauty beyond measure / Insight-epiphany / Inspiration revealed in the shifting sands. Time slows and the transcendent spirit soars on a hundreds wings. One with life/One with nature/One with the Universe / One with love.

The soul-seed is planted at birth. The soul is cultivated in ten thousand ways: overcoming storms of life/learning from others/gaining experience/cultivating character… The soul can expand or remain in suspension. The individual’s nature creates the path. Nurture the grains of life and form pearls from adversity. Peace.

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