Writing is Prayer

Franz Kafka

Walking in the grace of an open heart and empty mind powers the creative wheel that transforms the clay of experience into a vessel for receiving revelations. Devotion to words has no preset requirements, simply self-awareness and willpower. Yearning to express one’s inner world permeates infinite variations of human experiences. But why pick up a pen and write it down? The intimate liberation of written thoughts is cathartic.

Writing is an x-ray spotlight focused on the invisible. There are inexhaustible worlds within worlds in all directions. But forcing the narrative of these worlds is like chasing down fireflies on a warm summer evening. They only survive when admired, released and allowed to reveal themselves as they will. These self-revelations by the words and characters are tonics for writers. When a piece of writing comes alive and begins to tell its own story, that is what all writers pray for. Not the ability to use trickery or erudition but releasing control and becoming the vessel through which the tale it told. That cannot be taught only learned. Those lightning bolts strike each writer differently.

To create, one must apply various filters to the visions, run the inspiration through a process and then abandon everything to the unconscious dominion. To achieve this, artists must first distract themselves from the everyday world of: jobs, bills, food, family, obligations,… Writers do not find inspiration, inspiration finds them. Inspiration is like quicksilver – grab it and it breaks into pieces and runs away. But at the same time writers cannot wait for inspiration alone they must establish a routine. Concentration comes after passing between the everyday life and the time for work. “All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”Julio Cortázar. This distraction breaks the block and opens the unconscious process that turns on the written flow.

It is difficult to describe what happens when writers are: in the flow, the zone, the muse… But anyone who has ever stared at a canvas, a blank page, an empty stage of any kind, and filled that medium with their creation knows the reason why art is soul-sustenance. This brings glowing happiness to the heart. As Gertrude Stein once wrote, One must dare to be happy. Dare this day to reveal your inner worlds. Challenge yourself. Unleash the spirit-fire within the vessel of your heart and set the page alight. Peace to you all.

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