Ecstatic Poem

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. Emily Dickinson

Alone, but not alone / The boundless vault of the sky merges with the Great Circle / I -a single point -rock in rhythm with the womb of the heavens / Embracing the sacred self brings everyday joy – itself a gift, a miracle -the truth of which needs no explanation or definition / Inspiriting life with ecstasy

Wander up to the edge of the sky and sing in happy celebration / One need not fly in a plane, or ride in a car to travel far / Roam beyond the bounds of this tangible world / Take enchanted steps into a profound panorama / Spirited away within the eminence and nothingness / Illuminated by sunbeams of innocent laughter / Unsullied by guilt or apprehension / Breathe in – Breathe out – Breathe …

Ordered to stay at home, away from others and told not to travel / Loneliness, suspicion, dread increase the weight of anxiety like a gray, wet wool blanket hood draped over the head/ Fear of being trapped and forgotten can squeeze the heart / But serene calmness is at hand / Focused breathing for five-count each In-Hold-Out / Releasing the joy inside reconnects the beginning to the end / The Universe to the Void / There is no greater ecstasy than Now

In these troubled times / Unwrap fear from around the heart / Let the spirit blossom and roots of hope grow stronger / Train the spirit for the days ahead / Brighten your face with smile-light / This night and each night after give yourself the lullaby of laughter before you sleep / Each day embrace the ecstatic moments as a gift of self-care / Peace and Love.

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