Poetry of Ecstatic Moments

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. Emily Dickinson

Alone, but not alone / The boundless vault of the sky merges with the Great Circle / I -a single point -rock in rhythm with the womb of the heavens / Embracing the sacred self brings everyday joy – itself a gift, a miracle -the truth of which needs no explanation or definition / Inspiriting life with ecstasy

Wander up to the edge of the sky and sing in happy celebration / One need not fly in a plane, or ride in a car to travel far / Roam beyond the bounds of this tangible world / Take enchanted steps into a profound panorama / Spirited away within the eminence and nothingness / Illuminated by sunbeams of innocent laughter / Unsullied by guilt or apprehension / Breathe in – Breathe out – Breathe …

Ordered to stay at home, away from others and told not to travel / Loneliness, suspicion, dread increase the weight of anxiety like a gray, wet wool blanket hood draped over the head/ Fear of being trapped and forgotten can squeeze the heart / But serene calmness is at hand / Focused breathing for five-count each In-Hold-Out / Releasing the joy inside reconnects the beginning to the end / The Universe to the Void / There is no greater ecstasy than Now

In these troubled times / Unwrap fear from around the heart / Let the spirit blossom and roots of hope grow stronger / Train the spirit for the days ahead / Brighten your face with smile-light / This night and each night after give yourself the lullaby of laughter before you sleep / Each day embrace the ecstatic moments as a gift of self-care / Peace and Love.

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Read my books at: amazon.com/author/wheelerce Wheeler was a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper editor during the time he lived in China from 2007-2019. In China he worked for: Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Propaganda Ministry. In addition to his magazine and newspaper work, Wheeler edited and contributed to: multiple travel guides; numerous textbooks; several research and translation projects; and advertising copy for countless clients. As a university lecturer, Wheeler developed several university courses including Appreciation of Western Poetry and Introduction to Journalism. He taught Writing, Literature, Culture, Film, and other subjects. His success as a foreign teacher and editor led to Wheeler being awarded Teacher of the Year honors several times at two major universities. In addition to writing, Wheeler was an actor in China. He was on a television show; and the voice for Hangzhou Tourism as well as acting on stage. Wheeler's most unusual role was being the spokesman for a wallpaper adhesive company.

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