Nature’s Own Words

If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.Rainer Maria Rilke

As the Bob Dylan song says, The times they are a changing. We need to change also. There are so many ways we can remake our lives. Life is creative energy itself. We only need to set aside the complications and obligations for a time and open ourselves to change. Reduce attention to the moment and exclude the unnecessary. Many meditation and relaxation techniques begin with focused breathing. As the rhythmic breathing chases away stray thoughts the mind becomes like the blade of grass gently sweeping away the sand. (This is a video from my YouTube channel)

Currently life is far out of balance. Normal life has been disrupted on nearly every level. But how to regain our footing in these troubled times? One way is to center our thoughts on what is natural, what is and what is true. True human nature is at one with Nature. The more unaffected are our actions the closer we get to understanding what is truly essential to our journey.

The changes ahead can be even greater. There are potential threats to the very threads of society. But those risks can better be managed if we all put life into perspective. Millions of people are adapting to the chaos by reducing their lives to the bare essential. This contraction can feel forced and create pessimism and apathy. But this negativity needs to be reversed. The great contraction can be seen in a positive light. It should be obvious that by narrowing down material needs to the essentials, empties life of the inessential things. This narrowing of our focus minimizes the unnatural desires for objects that only satisfy temporary wants.

Bless all the people in the world who have found the positive within their reduced daily life. Love prospers under these conditions. When he would see scary things in the news Mr. Rogers’ mother would tell him, Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping. This is simple act of flipping the negative into a positive is the definition of being natural. Within the simplified life, discover the immeasurable universe dancing in the breeze scribbling notes to unsung symphonies and inscribing wordless poetry into the shifting sands. Peace

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