Transcendental Traces

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wandering freely without a specific course is essential to discovering your true self. Walking with intent is exercise, meandering is meditation. Contemplating nature, whether an ocean or a single stone, clears the mind and allows the soul to stir. When the consciousness slumbers, the deeper self emerges to lead the way. The natural world knows few straight lines, but instead follows transcendental traces of timeworn spiritual courses.

Breath deeply. And with each breath exhale anxiety, and inhale tranquility. Exhale uncertainty and doubt. Inhale calmness and peacefulness. Focus on breathing and allow the heart to settle. As worries drift away do not replace them with happy thoughts or psalms of optimism. Drop rational perceptions like stones and release your artificial affectations into the air. Shed the public self, adopted characteristics and drop the unnatural facade. Simply Be Yourself.

Human society can obscure the human connections to all life, to the stars, and the cosmic consciousness. However, with practice, one can dismiss the layers of imposed meaning. By not seeking one will find. Signs and signals of divine spirit abound. See them. Hear them singing. Read the curves and curls of natural forces as invocations for transcendence. The spirit of the soul-seed spontaneously manifests an individual incarnation of the universe. You are a unique self. Know that you are One with the All.

Wander along in nature whenever you can. Before you step onto the path, let go of what is stifling your creativity and restraining your true self. Being in nature nurtures mindfulness and boosts the joyous energy of a liberated spirit. Relax and awaken.

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