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Friday June 26 : Chinese Dreaming

China’s over three hundred million Millennials remain relatively unknown internationally. They are the wellspring for the Chinese Dream. Chinese, Dreaming is a collection of writing and cultural observations about modern China selected from thousands of university students. Their lives are integrated with the digital realms of the Information Age. But China’s younger generation remains a mystery outside China.
While working in China at two top universities for twelve years, I tried to inspire this amazing generation to find their voice and express their ideas by merging ancient literary traditions with digital native cyberspace sensibilities

June 27: Positive Light

Positive Light is the shining light within us all.
Even if one travels millions of miles, memories of the first miles walked with a friend endure forever. As we mature, many of us ache to fulfill youthful promises, and no matter how much time has past, we can always honor old friends and reveal our true selves in the process. Samuel Coffman, reinventing himself as a writer, discovers the timeless force of living authentically while interviewing William the worldly director of Involution, a private foundation dedicated to peace and understanding. Throughout the book, William enlivens his story of a childhood promise made to a since departed friend with rich details from the multicultural tapestry that is his life. To move on with his life, the protagonist must transform negative thinking into positive action. Read My most recent novella for free on Saturday.

June 28: Luminous Science Fiction short story. The story begins in a dystopian world where out of control AI systems have attempted to eradicate humanity. Humanity’s extinction is halted by benevolent aliens who momentarily stop the AI hives. The Guides, humanity’s benefactors, announced they had come to take the Earth’s population to the stars. Powerful nations and corporations reacted to the aliens’ presence fearfully due to their unwillingness to surrender their grip on the global populace. As the Guides mingled with the people of Earth, the powerful decided to counter the Guides benevolence with propaganda and rebuilt meta-AI hives. When the security forces struck, the Guides transported humanity to the stars and struck down the malevolent forces of greed. Experience a future where aliens help us reveal our true humanity.

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