New Book Rising in Rankings

I am very happy to say, my new book is slowly rising in the Amazon rankings for Spiritual Self-Help books. The world needs more positivity, and so I am offering my book for free on July 5.

We are all wandering timelessly through paradise. Unwrapping the gift that is life reveals who we truly are. There are many stages on your life-journey. After an unexpected epiphany changed my life forever I decided to write this book. I hope by reading it you can discover your own unique way to unbox your soul and discover the godlight within.

Many self-help methods prescribe a series of steps necessary for your advancement, but the real world does not always work that way. Religions offer paths to the same end – connecting to the Divine. And dozens of philosophies offer techniques to prepare for the journey towards enlightenment and transcendence. Just as water flows to the sea by discovering a wandering path, your life will meander down many paths before discovering the Godlight within you.
I have compiled and organized many of my best blog posts in Unboxing Your Soul: Discovering the Godlight within. There are over one hundred fifteen reflections in five sections through progressively deeper layers of the Self: Self-Expression, Self-Esteem,Self-Awareness, Self-Actualization, and Self-Transcendence. There are nearly one hundred fifty inspirational quotes and terms to encourage your journey. Additionally, there are two hundred tips for improving your life from general wellness to transcendence. I sincerely wish you peace and happiness on your journey. Everyone’s journey is different, but the broad steps are similar.

If you can’t wait until this Sunday :-), or if you would like to support my writing, please consider buying a copy of the eBook or paperback.

Peace and Love.

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