Silent Spring 2.0

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Scientists have coined a new term to describe our absence from the natural world during the pandemic – Anthropause – the temporary disappearance of humans from the natural environment. The wretched covid-19 pandemic has given us a peek at the natural world with fewer humans present. This glimpse is both marvelous and disheartening. Because hundreds of millions of people were self-isolating, wildlife roamed more freely and began to reclaim portions of their ancient territories.

Transportation was nearly ground to a complete halt globally and animals crossed the road to explore our temporarily vacated territory. Modern human civilization has become a geological force surpassing such natural forces as earthquakes and volcanoes. At first, the construction of cities carved out strongholds to protect against nature. Transportation networks where then added in order to support mankind’s artificial habitats. These manufactured trackways interrupted primeval pathways. The human animal then greedily dominated those subdivided areas no longer simply for survival but for gain. This civilized environment, separated from creation, became spiritually discordant and hollow.

All manner of wild animals have been roaming through the vacated cites. They approached warily at first sensing that the top apex predator is still nearby. The populations of animals that depend on garbage have declined or are reverting back to their instinctive behavior. Sadly, some animals that rely on human benevolence, such as through tourism and donations, are declining. While other animals see the vacated space as an opportunity to expand. As the pandemic restrictions ease, we must see these lessons and adapt our own behavior to further benefit nature. With more people moving towards virtual work, and migrating away from large cities, humanity should live more attuned to nature. Our spirits are calling out for this natural reconciliation.

Let’s walk the path to a brighter future of a more peaceful coexistence with the natural world. Over the coming decade great technological leaps can enhance the lives of a large portion of humankind, or further isolate us from one another and from a greatly diminished natural world. Our human civilization has reached one of the long anticipated crossroads for survival. The chronicles of human history contain scores of tales of collapse and downfalls. Choices we make now will create the paths forward for the future of humanity. Let us choose wisely – together.

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