Gratitude Creates Actualization

Virtue is its own reward.Cicero

The social emotion of being grateful for what one is deeply implanted in human history. Expressing gratitude is also a survival mechanism. Experiencing gratitude changes the part of the brain responsible for personality expression and social behavior. People who do not use a monetary scale to measure self-worth are more grateful for the lives they have and do not ungraciously strive for what they do not have. Being grateful releases toxic emotions that would otherwise fester and debase everyday life. Having a fat bank account does not equate with having a bountiful life.

Sadly, too many people become enamored by the “fabulous” lifestyles they see in movies and on TV. Along with that, chasing after notoriety through social media has altered values and perceptions of self-esteem. Our hi-tech world with high disconnect from reality. Seeking validation while wearing a mask can only lead to deeper despair. Gracefully appreciating one’s actual life leads towards increased self-awareness and over time to self-actualization. Self-reflection and empathy creates a positive aspect towards life. This beneficial energy amplifies the soul and increases creativity.

Creativity unwraps the soul even further. This is not necessarily just the type of creativity people think of such as in the fine arts, but also creativity in living. Being expressive and spontaneous leads to increased actualization through self expression. Being “young at heart” allows a person to live more naturally according to their personal nature. In this way, a self-actualized person can more smoothly work through problems encountered.

Creativity springs from the depths of the soul and peak (or flow) experiences. Another aspect of creativity comes from hard work. Applying knowledge, and judgment to spontaneous works brings about a wholeness of spirit. The brilliant energy of self-actualized creativity illuminates the lives of others as well. Fulfilled people live graciously for others and not just for themselves.

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