Free Novel June 12

To honor my parents, whose spirits have been reunited

I am offering one of my novels for Free. Sunday July 12, 2020

Positive Light: Tales of Involution

Available Internationally in twelve countries including:

In India

In Canada

Positive Light is the shining light within us all.
Even if one travels millions of miles, memories of the first miles walked with a friend endure forever. As we mature, many of us ache to fulfill youthful promises, and no matter how much time has past, we can always honor old friends and reveal our true selves in the process. Samuel Coffman, reinventing himself as a writer, discovers the timeless force of living authentically while interviewing William the worldly director of Involution, a private foundation dedicated to peace and understanding. Throughout the book, William enlivens his story of a childhood promise made to a since departed friend with rich details from the multicultural tapestry that is his life. To move on with his life, the protagonist must transform negative thinking into positive action.
In the end, the book’s characters are united by the same metaphysical power that forms dust into stars, rocks into planets, drops into oceans and breaths into whirlwinds. At the same time the human mind has the power to shape reality.
To discover the meaning of the book’s title follow the journey and rekindle the free spirit residing within us all. May reading this book light your way forward with positive light.

Published by cewheeler

Writer/Artist:12 years in China – univ. lecturer: writing,poetry,culture; editor – magazine/newspaper & actor. 40 years students of the Tao. Traveler. Father. Read my books at:

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