Free Poetry Collection 7-12-2020

Free Book of Poetry

To rejoice in the reunion of my parents’ souls, I am offering my poetry collection for free June 12, 2020. Shine a Splendid Light: Poems and pieces from a life restored.

Available internationally in twelve countries, including:

In India

In Canada

In the UK

One day the Universe blessed me with the reawakening of romantic love. I was thunderstruck from afar.
These collected poems and brief essays celebrate the restoration of my life. I was a single father for many years, and I devoted my life to my three children. I suffered some serious health issues due to immense stress.
With much soul-searching and long discussions with my marvelous kids, I left America and moved to China to be with the woman I love. I lived twenty percent of my life there before returning to the US. My time living in a foreign culture inspired my writing and changed me forever.
In China, at the Dean’s request, I created a Poetry Appreciation class for my university. I taught hundreds of students to love poetry and to write their own poetry. I was also the foreign editor and lead writer for a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper.
These poems capture the emotions of times of great change in my life. Love inspires all my writing. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and that power restored my life to me.

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Read my books at: Wheeler was a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper editor during the time he lived in China from 2007-2019. In China he worked for: Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Propaganda Ministry. In addition to his magazine and newspaper work, Wheeler edited and contributed to: multiple travel guides; numerous textbooks; several research and translation projects; and advertising copy for countless clients. As a university lecturer, Wheeler developed several university courses including Appreciation of Western Poetry and Introduction to Journalism. He taught Writing, Literature, Culture, Film, and other subjects. His success as a foreign teacher and editor led to Wheeler being awarded Teacher of the Year honors several times at two major universities. In addition to writing, Wheeler was an actor in China. He was on a television show; and the voice for Hangzhou Tourism as well as acting on stage. Wheeler's most unusual role was being the spokesman for a wallpaper adhesive company.

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